Group Registration



What is required for Early Registration?

  1. Contact the camp office before or on April 1st with these details:

    1. Name

    2. Church Name

    3. Dates of the week you want to attend

    4. Estimated number of campers

    5. Good return contact

    6. Any other questions that you are needing answered

  2. When you contact us and let you know what week you are attending, this automatically locks in your group to receive the early registration price. (Even if you have new people sign up to come after the deadline)

    1. Email:

    2. Phone: (352) 299-1864

What is the Group Deposit?

  1. This is $25/person for every camper/counsellor that you are expecting to attend camp.

  2. Due by May 1st.

  3. You only have to make one deposit.

    1. This deposit does not have to be exact. If you have more people join after you make the deposit, you do not have to send in another deposit.


    1. Estimated number of campers: 30

    2. Deposit: $750

      1. This is due by May 1st.

    3. This will be taken off of your total balance due at registration when you arrive at camp.

    4. What happens if you bring more than you estimated (30 campers)?

      1. The $750 would come off the total amount you owe at registration.

        1. i.e. if you brought 35 campers, the total would be $35x$195 = $6,825. Then, you would subtract the amount of your deposit ($750) to bring your final total to $6,075. ($195/person is dependent upon registering your group before April 1st; if it is after April 1st, it will be $215/person)

      2. The same would apply if you bring less than you estimated bringing (30 campers).

  5. The Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

    1. No matter what amount of campers you end up with, the deposit will be subtracted from the final number of campers you bring.


How often do we need to update our Child Safety Training and Background Checks for the Adults (Anyone 18 years old or older)?

  1. Your information needs to be updated every two calendar years to the day you last completed it.

    1. EXAMPLE:

      1. If you completed one July 20th, 2022 and will be at camp July 24th, 2024, you are required to complete both of these processes again. NO EXCEPTIONS

Where can we download the Registration Forms?

  1. Camp Website: Click Here

    1. You can also download the Dress Code and Rules here